PAC is back!

Sorry for the rather long blogging break, comrades. I got somewhat immersed in the general election and the fall-out…

But now things are bit less frenzied, Public Affairs Central is back!

Where do I start?

I was amused during the election period to see Labour types harranguing The Guardian for having the audacity to back the Lib Dems. Clearly some Labour folk were thinking that left-leaning papers should blindly back the party regardless of the path it pursues. Perhaps they won’t be so complacent in future.

The ensuing Labour leadership contest is threatening to be a rather depressing affair with four similar-looking New Labour creatures fighting it out in the final stages. But, given the huge numbers of MPs parachuted in to safe seats by Labour HQ since Blair became leader, are we surprised?

On the lobbying front, it seems that the Lib Dems have bounced the Tories in to backing a statutory register of lobbyists.  On the surface, this is a massive u-turn for Dave’s mob. But let’s be honest – it hardly makes up for the relatively weak deal that the Lib Dems secured on electoral reform…


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