Lib Dem time for lobbying firms

Back in the late 1990s and early noughties, it was all the rage for lobbying firms to call in a New Labour type. A Blairite was usually the order of the day for hungry agency bosses, but for a brief period even Brownites were high up on the menu.

In 2007, the tide began to turn and Tories were suddenly back in demand. As Labour-leaning bosses sought to play down their backgrounds, a number of Tory aides trooped out of CCHQ in to their welcoming arms.

Is it now the turn of the Lib Dems?

This week, Politics International pounced for Lib Dem senior foreign affairs adviser Ben Jones.

Meanwhile, Bell Pottinger Public Affairs has just hired the party’s senior public services policy adviser Stephen Lotinga.

But that could just be for starters. With Lib Dem-lite lobbying agencies keen to show they understand all aspects of the coalition, and the party shedding 20 posts in its Cowley Street headquarters, Lib Dem insiders are braced for a mass defection in to the lobbying world over the next few weeks.

More here


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