Lobbying firm signs up mystery man “Michael”

Looks like Peter Bingle is preparing to unveil a new signing.  The Bell Pottinger lobbying boss put out a rather mysterious message on his Twitter feed this morning:

“Michael. Plan to give release to PR Week etc tomorrow at midday. Won’t be public until Thursday. Do you have a nice photo?”

Who could this mysterious Michael be? A few of the runners and riders:

30/1 Portillo

40/1 White

50/1 Roux

100/1 Mcintyre, Moore, Bublé…

7 PM UPDATE: Acting on rumours now swirling around the higher echelons of lobbying land,  I just chucked two names at my Bell Pottinger insider. Was told that the hire in question is NOT Tory grandee Michael Ancram – but that this rumour was ‘close’. The same source did not rule out former leader Michael Howard.

That would be the same Michael Howard who expressed interest in being hired by the fake lobbying firm that recently exposed three former Labour cabinet ministers….

TUESDAY UPDATE: Steady the buffs, it’s none of the above. The Michael in question turns out to be a long-serving Tory aide …

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