Where did all the Labour advisers go?

Top PR agencies are continuing to sign up Tories and Lib Dems. But have they completely given up on signing Labour types?

It’s now over 100 days since Labour lost power and many of those working as special advisers in the last government remain unaccounted for.

Brown’s spin twins Mick Dugher and John Woodcock were parachuted in to safe seats at the last election and are now both MPs. The highly rated Justin Forsyth, one of Brown’s top comms strategists, is the new chief executive of Save the Children UK.  And former spads Mark Davies (aide to Jack Straw) and Claire McCarthy (aide to Peter Hain) have recently taken jobs  overseeing PR for charities.

But what about the rest?

A scattering of former Labour advisers are busy working on leadership campaigns, but a significant number are knocking on the doors of the UK’s top PR consultancies, I’m reliably informed.

The problem is that most ex-Labour aides are demanding salaries of more than £80,000– with some expecting to be paid as much as £100,000.

As one senior figure at one of the UK’s biggest PR consultancies told me this week:

‘You pay that for a director, but there’s not a hope in hell that some of these people will earn that. They are adding these sums on to what they were paid in government, but it’s completely unrealistic. They need to get in the real world.’

Full story here


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