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Lobbyists out in force at Lib Dem conference

Here’s what they’re saying (courtesy of Twitter):

@College_Policy Looking forward to seeing lots of confused lobbyists in Liverpool attending LibDem conference for the first time

@Parsifal2 This Lib Dem conference reminds me more and more of New Labour at the start. These are people enjoying power!

@GPW_Portland how times change – The Sun has full LibDem coverage. I used to send one reporter and expect a few pars to get in.

@theopen_road Former Parliamentary researchers – now highly paid SPADs are flashing the designer bags. Very un Lib Dem #ldconf

@simonredfern Ha I have just learnt a new acronym BANANA – build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything #ldconf

@AndySawford Nick Clegg now walks around with an entourage of 12! #ldconf

@Parsifal2 I thought more corporates would have taken stands

@HilEvans EvansNick Clegg visits Age UK stand to hear about what his conference thinks on spending priorties for older peoples services #ldconf 

@JohnLehal 2 places left at Insight’s housing & social care dinner tonight at Hilton Liverpool with an eclectic bunch from across the sector

@theopen_road Conference is all about the freebies…



Labour’s cunning plan to get Coulson

As the News of the World phone hacking scandal rumbles on, senior Labour figures are becoming increasingly desperate to see off Downing Street comms chief and former NotW editor Andy Coulson.

One Labour plotter told me this morning of the latest plan:

‘Given the “collective amnesia” at the NotW on the hacking scandal might it be a good idea to proscribe Coulson et al large amounts of vitamin B!’

Whatever could they mean?

Proof that Andy Coulson has become the story

How do you know when the PM’s spin doctor has become the story?

His picture in the paper for days on end? Maybe.

Immortalised in cartoon form by The Guardian’s Martin Rowson? Definitely…