Only one lobbying firm is still donating to Labour. But for how long?

Who’d have thunk it? The latest figures from the Electoral Commission suggest that lobbying firms are more interested in pouring money into Tory coffers than propping up Labour’s bank balance.

The Tories have taken almost £70,000 from lobbyists since the election, often as payment for tables at dinners etc. Indeed, certain agencies appear to have ceased coughing up for Labour events entirely as they turn their cheque books in the direction of the Tories.

But as some lobbyists switch sides, one agency is standing firm. 

Sovereign Strategy is yet to donate to the Tories and even donated a few bob to Labour in the last quarter-  before the new leader had been announced.

With Gordon gone and the new leader in place, Labour will be hoping that lobbying agencies are in the mood for coughing up more in the future.

But wiill Sovereign boss Alan Donnelly, a good pal of David Miliband, keep on donating with Ed at the helm?

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