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Lib Dems stitched me up, says lobbying chief

Last summer, I blogged about the numerous Lib Dems taking up jobs in lobbying, as the Cowley Street HQ adjusted to life without £1.75m of short money.

Like any good boss, it seems that Lib Dem chief exec Chris Fox made a concerted effort to find work for his people – if not in Cowley Street, then in the world of lobbying.

But, less than a year on, I hear that not all of the Lib Dem lobbying placements have been an enormous success.  Or as one public affairs agency boss put it:

‘Chris Fox stitched me up.’


Cameron rebuked by civil service chief. But what happened next?

My exclusive about Gus O’Donnell writing to David Cameron about the behaviour of Tory spads has prompted action from Labour.

I revealed today that the Cabinet Secrtary Sir Gus O’Donnell was furious when,  in late 2010, The Times quoted a source describing a senior civil servant, Jenny Watson, as ‘incompetent’.

He was so furious that he wrote a strongly worded letter to the PM urging him to restrain his aides.

Now Caroline Flint is demanding to know:

• Has any internal disciplinary action been taken against the person or persons responsible for these comments?

A good question…