Number 10 grid man leaves. Clegg goes off-grid

Nick Clegg has been accused of a lot recently. But for some Downing Street media strategists his worst crime is to ignore the all-important media grid.

As I reveal today, there is concern in Downing Street that the Lib Dems are increasingly doing their own thing – rather than sticking to the grid, which is tightly designed to maximise the impact of government stories.

Clegg’s people deny any such rogue behaviour, but two Downing Street insiders tell me there has been much annoyance about Clegg’s recent off-grid activities.

The news comes two weeks after the retirement of long-serving Downing Street grid enforcer Paul Brown.

While the cat’s away, the Lib Dems will play…

NB. Sources describe Brown’s recent leaving bash as ‘a star-studded farewell party attended by a who’s who of Whitehall communicators of the last decade from Alastair Campbell to Craig Oliver’.  There were also goodwill messages from Blair, Brown and Cameron.

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