Spin has a new name in Cameron’s Number 10

Spin didn’t die with Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell – but Dave’s strategists do appear to have at least come up with a new name for it.

In her Times column today, Rachael Sylvester writes that whoever (out of Cameron and Clegg) loses the AV referendum will not be compensated with any policy concessions. But the Government may put a different slant on certain announcements to help boost the political stock of the AV loser. 

One Government strategist tells her:

‘It’s not about changing the policy, but the political dial can be turned one way or the other depending on the result.’

Clearly, spin is dead in Cameron’s Number 10. Long live the political dial!

One response to “Spin has a new name in Cameron’s Number 10

  1. Richard Lubbock

    Another useful bit of jargon, seldom used in politics is ‘reframe.’ As in ‘It’s not about changing the policy but about reframing it.’