Guido Fawkes news ed in stolen slogan shocker!

Media Intelligence Partners, the somewhat shadowy lobbying firm run by ex-Tory press chief Nick Wood, has – ironically – launched a ‘profile management’ arm to service publicity-hungy individuals.

Browsing the website, its top client appears to be Harry Cole, news editor of Guido Fawkes blog. The blogging supremo describes himself as: ‘Never knowingly on message.’

Nice line. But who is the Guido news chief styling himself on?

Right-wing lobbyist Peter Bingle was recently euphemistically described in The Independent as a ‘veteran handshaker’. But he is best known in the PR industry by a phrase  I coined in 2008 in recognition of his wooing of contacts in West End restaurants:

‘Never knowingly under-lunched’

Meanwhile, left-wing Mirror hack Paul Routledge – the John Prescott of political journalism – used to enjoy the following fighting talk above his columns:

‘He’s OFF message and ON the warpath.’

Case closed. What a terrifying combo! No wonder Her Majesty’s Press Corp decided not give a lobby pass to our Harry…


2 responses to “Guido Fawkes news ed in stolen slogan shocker!

  1. Not sure you “coined” anything more than Mr Cole did – you both were adapting/following somebody else’s line – see here… you are as “guilty” as he is…glass houses etc…

    Not your best post.

  2. Jack. You are, of course, correct…

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