Labour strategists on cue with plans to ‘de-geek’ Ed Miliband

Labour spin doctors are stepping up their plans to rid Ed Miliband of his slightly geeky image.

Ed has already got a date in the diary for a nose op, which should ensure his bunged-up voice is a distant memory by the 2015 general election.

Next on the agenda is showing the world that the Labour leader has the common touch.

By emphasising his love of… cue sports!

The de-geeking strategy was first tried out in The Telegraph in March. One of the paper’s most Labour-friendly hacks, Mary Riddell, caught up with Ed as he was heading for the miners’ welfare club in his constituency for ‘a game of pool and a pint of Yorkshire bitter’.

Ed rather earnestly described the game as his ‘secret vice’ and a picture of him in action was provided to the paper.

The wheeze was judged to have worked so well that it was repeated in The Sun just a few weeks later.

Ed was pictured playing with the paper’s political ed Tom Newton-Dunn. The Sun man told his readers how the Labour leader ‘gave his most self-effacing interview yet to the nation’s best-read newspaper over a game of pool’.

Last night the strategy took another turn as Ed made not one but two rare non-political tweets about… the snooker. ‘This guy Trump is sensational,’ he enthused, sensibly stressing that he was talking about ‘Judd not Donald’.

So how long before Ed is let loose on a billiard table?

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