Labour figures serve Ed Miliband a double-whammy

Ed Miliband won’t have enjoyed reading his two favourite newspapers this morning.

The Guardian runs an interview with Nick Hewer, who is Lord Sugar’s right-hand man on the Apprentice and a Labour supporter to boot. Hewer says he met the Labour leader recently:

‘Oh dear oh dear. He has the weakest handshake in western Europe. I went straight to William Hill and asked them to take a bet that he will not be Labour leader by the next election.’

As if that’s not bad enough The Independent quotes an anonymous ‘leading Blairite’ comparing Ed’s leadership to the dark days of Gordon Brown’s premiership.

‘Strategically, Labour is completely lost. Ed won the leadership as an insurgent but, now he’s there, he doesn’t know what to do next. It’s all looking very reminiscent of Gordon in 2007 when he finally toppled Tony. They have grabbed control, but now do not know what to do with it.’

Two damning comments from fellow Labourites on one day. With friends like that…

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