Gordon Brown’s media man spins into PR world

More than a year after Gordon Brown left Downing Street, many of his entourage are now safely installed in alternative employment.

Damian McBride is now head of media at Cafod, his successors Mick Dugher and John Woodcock (‘the spin twins’) have both become MPs, while the ex-PM’s top strategic comms adviser Justin Forsyth is chief executive of Save the Children UK.

One man providing difficult to place was Brown’s most recently-hired political spokesman Iain Bundred. Until now.

After a stint advising the Jordanian PM on behalf of Tim Allan’s agency Portland, it emerges that the well-regarded Bundred is to become director of strategic media relations at Ogilvy PR.

Nice title.

Bundred – known affectionately by lobby journalists as ‘Bunders’ – doesn’t start until next week, but he is already talking the lingo of the corporate PR world.

In a stunning statement, he says: ‘As PR moves away from traditional silos and towards offering 360-degree brand reputation strategies, Ogilvy PR is able to give clients an integrated service that other PR firms couldn’t dream of.’

If only Bunders could have provided his old boss with such lucid soundbites!

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