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The next Tory election campaign chief?

Following his success on the No2AV campaign earlier this year, a few Tory types have suggested that Matthew Elliott could be the man to run the Conservative Party’s next general election campaign.

Admittedly, the Taxpayers’ Alliance boss may be more at home in CCHQ once Dave moves on and Boris beats George to the top job.

Regardless, in a wide ranging interview with Elliott recently I asked him whether would be interested in the role. As I note in this resulting profile piece, he emphatically did not rule it out.

But here’s what he said in full:

‘I enjoyed No2AV and I really doing politics more at the centre, slightly more high profile and where you actually have a final result at the end in the ballot box. It’s definitely whetted my appetite for more campaigning like that.

‘I wouldn’t rule any job like that, out but I think that one thing you see from lots of prime ministers – Tony Blair had Anji Hunter, Alastair Campbell, Jonathan Powell and Peter Mandelson in his inner team right from the early nineties to the end. David Cameron has his team and my admiration for people like Steven Gilbert at CCHQ is immense.

‘One thing that really struck me during the campaign was it’s quite easy to sit on the outside of the party machine and say this should be done better or that was a gaffe or why on earth didn’t they do that.

‘But seeing the sheer intensity working on a campaign on a day to day basis when you’ve got to make a thousand decisions every day, my respect for the CCHQ machine as operated by Steven Gilbert good is immense. I think it would be difficult to find someone as good as he is at running it.’

Did you get that, Boris?