Goodbye (for now)… and thanks for the snail ice cream

I should probably make it clear (in case it wasn’t already) that since leaving PRWeek I’ve now wound down this blog.

However, I shall leave the archives open and I may even do the occasional blog post. But then again I might not.

For now, I shall leave a list of the most searched for terms that led users to this blog since its conception in May 2009.

Most randomly, just outside the top ten with 26 searches was “snall ice cream”  – tasty!


1 public affairs central – 494

2 ameet gill – 406

3 peter bingle – 202

4 luke chauveau -166

5 george bridges -87

6 david singleton -84

7 how to become a tobacco lobbyist -73

8 james gurling – 53

9 total politics top 100 – 47

10 lobbyists – 42


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